Shaping a New, Gender-Just Precedent

Shaping a New, Gender-Just Precedent

Viviana Waisman, the founder of Women’s Link Worldwide, is fighting for gender justice around the world by using the law to protect and advance the rights of women and girls.  Rahet Bally Website Viviana Waisman, President and CEO of Women’s Link Worldwide Latin America, Europe, and East Africa
Saskia speaking to a group of incarcerated mothers..

Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Mexico

Saskia Niño de Rivera’s organization Reinserta has changed both policies and mindsets in Mexico to create a better life and future for children and youth in the criminal justice system.  Rahet Bally Website Saskia Niño de Rivera, Co-Founder of Reinserta Mexico City, Mexico
Nani Zulminarni Photo by Ashoka

A Paradigm Shift in Indonesia: Women Taking the Lead

Nani Zulminarni and her team at PEKKA have transformed the sociopolitical system in Indonesia to recognize millions of women-headed households as the leaders of their families, affecting entire forthcoming generations. Rahet Bally Website Nani Zulminarni, Founder of PEKKA Jakarta, Indonesia
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