Models of Reference Shaping a New Mozambique  

Models of Reference Shaping a New Mozambique  

Alexandra Machado’s organization Girl MOVE is creating a new generation of female leaders in Mozambique by providing them with role models, or “models of references” and support systems they need to thrive.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Ioana Sandescu Bauer and her team at eLiberare are tackling the pervasive issue of human trafficking in Romania by equipping all members of society with the awareness and prevention tools necessary to stay safe.  Rahet Bally Website Ioana Sandescu Bauer, President of Board of Directorsat eLiberare Bucharest, Romania
Education, Germany, First-Generation Students, Women Social Entrepreneur

Elevating Educational Outcomes for Working-Class Children

Katja Urbatsch sparked a movement for first-generation students or “working-class children” to ensure that all students, regardless of their social backgrounds, are able to attend and thrive in university.   Rahet Bally Website Katja Urbatsch, CEO and Founder of Berlin, Germany
Nour Emam, This is Mother Being, Education

Egypt’s Instagram Mom

Nour Emam is a doula-turned-sexual health educator who is stepping up to fill a massive gap in body literacy in Egypt and the Arab region. Her platform, Mother Being, is equipping over one million women and girls with knowledge about their bodies through social media content and paid in-depth courses in Arabic.  Rahet Bally Website...
Gemma Galdon-Clavell, Woman Social Entrepreneur, Change maker, Technology

Seatbelts for Cars, Audits for Algorithms

 Dr. Gemma Galdón-Clavell and her team at Eticas are mitigating the impact of biased and discriminatory algorithms on consumers through innovative audits.   Rahet Bally Website Dr. Gemma Galdón-Clavell, CEO and Founder of Eticas Barcelona, Spain
Nedgine Paul Deroly, APA

Many Hands Lighten the Load

Nedgine Paul Deroly and her team at Anseye Pou Ayiti are revolutionizing the Haitian education system by training a cadre of local “teacher-leaders” who are fostering a passion for learning within their students and re-introducing Haitian traditions to the classroom. Rahet Bally Website Nedgine Paul Deroly, Co-Founder and CEO of Anseye Pou Ayiti Gonaïves, Haiti 

Sowing the Seeds of Sexual Health in the Philippines

Amina Evangelista Swanepoel and her team at Roots of Health are combating the stigma surrounding sexual health and providing crucial reproductive health services in the Philippines. Their hard work has paid off: teenage pregnancies in Palawan’s capital of Puerto Princesa have decreased by a third.   Rahet Bally Website Amina Evangelista Swanepoel, Executive Director of Roots...

Supporting Girls to Soar in Morocco

Maryam Montague’s organization Project Soar is providing teen girls in Morocco, Uganda, and Syria with the tools necessary to become leaders in their communities and beyond.   Rahet Bally Website Maryam Montague, Founder and Executive Director of Project Soar Headquartered in Marrakech, Morocco; Also Serving Girls in Uganda and Syria 
Nadia Gamal El-Din in her office in Cairo

Mothers Deserve Peace of Mind

Nadia Gamal El-Din’s organization Rahet Bally provides millions of Egyptian moms with a much-need support system and community to ensure they have all the resources necessary to enter and thrive in motherhood.  Rahet Bally Website Nadia Gamal El-Din CEO of Rahet Bally Cairo, Egypt

The Crime of Poverty in Egypt

Nawal Mostafa’s organization Children of Female Prisoners Association (CFPA) has not only shed light on the formerly invisible population of female poverty prisoners in Egypt, but has transformed the public perception of these women and their children from criminals to victims of an unjust system. Rahet Bally Website Nawal Mostafa, Founder of Children of Female Prisoners Association  Cairo, Egypt
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