Seatbelts for Cars, Audits for Algorithms

Gemma Galdon-Clavell, Woman Social Entrepreneur, Change maker, Technology

Seatbelts for Cars, Audits for Algorithms

 Dr. Gemma Galdón-Clavell and her team at Eticas are mitigating the impact of biased and discriminatory algorithms on consumers through innovative audits.   Rahet Bally Website Dr. Gemma Galdón-Clavell, CEO and Founder of Eticas Barcelona, Spain
Nedgine Paul Deroly, APA

Many Hands Lighten the Load

Nedgine Paul Deroly and her team at Anseye Pou Ayiti are revolutionizing the Haitian education system by training a cadre of local “teacher-leaders” who are fostering a passion for learning within their students and re-introducing Haitian traditions to the classroom. Rahet Bally Website Nedgine Paul Deroly, Co-Founder and CEO of Anseye Pou Ayiti Gonaïves, Haiti 

Abating Human Trafficking in India and Across Southeast Asia

Hasina Kharbhih’s organization Impulse NGO Network (INGON) has revolutionized the fight against human trafficking through its globally-recognized Impulse Model that strengthens prevention mechanisms and facilitates a streamlined process of reporting and reintegration of survivors.  Rahet Bally Website Hasina Kharbhih, Chairwoman and Founder of Impulse NGO Network Meghalaya, India

Weaving Solutions for Rural Indonesian Women

By reviving and popularizing the age-old tradition of weaving in 10 rural communities across Eastern Indonesia, Dinny Jusuf’s organization TORAJAMELO is curbing exploitative outward migration by providing sustainable livelihood alternatives for thousands of women.   Rahet Bally Website Dinny Jusuf, Founder of TORAJAMELO Eastern Indonesia